About Us

Established in 2006 , Avalontec today has grown into an international provider of Single point solutions to all the requirements of ship operations / Repairs. Headquartered in Singapore, Avalontec is well positioned to support commitments on both sides of the globe.


Avalontec works on understanding and managing the Customers needs & Expectation with Passion and honesty we make sure all attempts done are right the first time and record, review & revise the processes/Activities for further improvement in order to deliver service Excellence & Satisfaction to the Customer.

Why Avalontec ?

We at Avalontec has been established with the objective of providing Single Point Solutions to all the requirements of ships operations. Shipping industry today demand prompt services which can be accomplished through multi faceted service offered by Avalontec under one roof.

  • Agency services for all types of vessels calling Singapore.
  • All types of Stores, Engine, Deck, Wires, Ropes.
  • All type of spares parts for Engine, Hydraulic machinery ,Pumps & other Auxiliaries.
  • Avalontec provides Professional services for carrying out repairs on board vessels. We have a highly qualified team of Engineers including Marine, Refrigeration, Electrical, Hydraulic as well as Mechanical Engineers. The team has a good mix of experience and youth and is fully geared to provide quality services at all times.
  • Class Approved safety center for FFA & LSA servicing, Repair, Refilling, Testing & Certification.
  • Avalontec focuses on value maximization for its clients & stresses on timely & prompt action there by making the services available to the client at short notice.

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